Bevertec Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and competitive company, offering ICT solutions to the organizations, companies and individuals.

The company has a strong technical expertise in computer networking solutions, extensive knowledge and data on ICT development in Mongolia and consultants with over 10 years of experience in business and ICT.
We develop and implement innovative software solutions for the financial services, manufacturing, communications and transportation sectors as well as for central and local government agencies.

The latest additional to our product include a decision support system, secure, high security and fast speed. Furthermore, our products are compact size and can be conveniently placed at any location.

Over the years we have enjoyed many positive, honest and good associations, not only with our partners but with many valued customers. is an online payment processing website developed by Bevertec Technology that received.

Our slogan: BEST of BREED

Future task
Information technology development is changing at an exponential rate, so we will be widening the selection of products by make more changes and even reconstructing them from scratch. We aim to be one of the most recognised and productive companies in Mongolia.

  • Best of POS application with World Standard
  • Local supports in Mongolia
  • Our next step and future developments for your bank
Our software is:
  • With complex informative funds
  • Protected by high and enhanced security
  • The most modern technology available
  • Easy to use and has low risk
  • The right solution to your needs
International cooperation
In the past few years, Bevertec has further expanded its international cooperation by successfully developing international relations with NCR, Supermicro, Verifone, GRGBanking, and Chiyu company. Particularly we organized training sessions collectively Verifone and GRGBanking company.

Furthermore since the beginning of our company we worked with the Canadian Bevertec CST Inc to successfully implement Payment-Card and Non-Cash-Settlement Service in Mongolia.

We have good relations with Kyrgyzstan, Tajikstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijin, Kazakhstan and some of Africa's countries.

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